Vikings Mid Season Finale

It’s fairly obvious to my followers by now that I don’t watch much TV. While the introduction of Netflix and Stan to Australia could mean I am finally watching the Star Wars animated series I missed out on as a kid, or enjoying the range of sci fi and fantasy TV available I seem to […]

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Werewolf book recs, get holwing.

Werewolf fiction seems to be a totally underappreciated paranormal subgenre. Vampire fiction has captivated readers every since Stoker’s breakaway shocker of the era, Dracula. It’s not until more recent times that werewolves have received more attention in literary spaces even though their legends are possibly older, and wider spread. Anyway this by no means is […]

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How to read Star Wars.

Short and simple my dudes. This post is all about how to read Star Wars. The way I see it, there is a few ways to tackle the hefty list of novels and short stories that us fans, are provided by a variety of authors who write for the franchise. Way number one is look […]

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